Baliem Arabica Cooperative Australia Branch is Launched on 20 November 2014

Baliem Arabica Cooperative (KSU Baiem Arabica) has now opened its distributor for Australia, based in Canberra, the Capital city of Australia on November 20th, 2014. The Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Jhon Yonathan Kwano stated that the distributor for Australia is now open and anyone from around the world can now order Papua Coffees from the western half of New Guinea Island via the cooperative’s Australia distributor.

According to Kwano, the distribution Agent, Mr> Y. Kogoya will be in charge of the coffee distribution primarily in Canberra and also all across Australia and Oceania.

This distribution agent was set up by Mr. Kwano just after attending the IUCN’s World Parks Congress 2014 that was held in Sydney Olympic Park from 12 – 19 November 2014. Please refer to Mr. Kwano’s report in Indonesian malay as presented in this website or at Papua Websites.

At this moment, KSU Baliem Arabica supplies both Green Beans with minimum order of 100 kg. directly supplied from Jayapura (Port Numbay) and roasted beans (with 3 profiles: dark roast, medium roast and light roast) in cooperation with the Jakarta Coffee House, Jakarta.

Please call +61-469-756575 to order Papua Coffees or for further information or visit

For Papua further information from West Papua: contact us at the following addresses:

  • Phone/ Text Message: Jhon Kwnao: +6281286101000 or +6285769223000
  • Email: or
  • Mail: Gudang BBCoffee, Jalan Abepura – Sentani, Belakang Kompleks Pertanian, Jalan SPMA, Kampung Harapan, Sentani 99352, Jayapura, Papua, INDONESIA.

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