Christmas Greeting

Christmas Celebration of Papua Specialty Coffee Farmers in Jayawijaya Regency

Christmas Celebration of Papua Specialty Coffee Farmers in Jayawijaya Regency also in welcoming the New Year 2015 was held on January 01, 2015 at Jln. Hom-Hom besides the UNIYAP II Campus or the cooperative New Office Site

The event was attended by guests from Dinas Perkebunan Kab. Jayawijaya, Dinas Perindagkop and Dinas Pariwisata as well as Dinas Kehutanan.

This celebration also marks the launch of Operations for Invesiva Species across the Highlands of West Papua, starting from the Jayawijaya Regency.

In his speech, the Chair of Cooperative, Seliion Karoba stated that Invasive Plant such as Lantana in the highlands is a continuation of a similitar operation carried out in Jayapura, i.e., the operation against Eceng Gondok at Sentani Lake.

The chair says the Cooperative is responsible to educate the surrounding communities to know and act against exotic species that are also invasive. We want to develop a “Green Economy of Papua”, says Mr Karoba. “We also want to maintain our Organic Coffee as a eco-tourism object”, says the chair of the Co-op. in a written speech read by the Secretary of the Coop. Mr. K. Yikwa.

At the end of the speech the secretary of the Coop presented 65 of Luwak Machines and other equipments tot he coffee farmers, particularly to 9 important collection points in the highlands..

Happy Christmas 25 December 2014 from KSU Baliem Arabica

All Personnel of the Baliem Arabica Cooperative with its members (coffee farmers across Papua) and the Crew members of as the sole distributor of PAPUA Coffee, hereby wishes you all:

MERRY CHRISTMAS 25 December 2014

May the peace of is brought to the Earth by the King of Peace operate in all our hearts in order to help is do our business in peace will all people and parties, towards  the rising of Papua for self-sufficiency and prosperity.

The Chair of KSU Baliem Arabica                                                     Coordinator of



Selion Karoba                                                                                       Atinus Uaga