Coffee Revolution Greetings to Papuan Economists

(The Awakening of Papua Business Spirit)

An even called Coffee Revolution was launced on 12 February 2015 in Mamberamo Tengah Regency, Eragayam Village with the theme “YOU HAVE TO FEED THEM” from the Gospel Mark 6:37 (Lek o, inambi nawak nduk, kit nen aret wogoranip o.” – In Lani means, there is no other way, except you feed them) delivered by one of the GIDI’s (The Evangelical Church of Indonesia) founder Rev. Ki’marek Karoba Tawy.

Before launching, he siad that this year is the 52nd anniversary of GIDI, it is grown up and already old, already have grandchildren right now. I right now standing here, representing the birth of a church, for the benefit of our spiritual aspect, to launch a program to take care of our physical aspect of all GIDI members and all others here, under the name of the Movement for the “Awakening of Papua Business Spirit” or the “Birth of Papua Business Spirit”. This is one of the grandchildren of the GIDI Church we are launching for the sake of the economy of the church and the economy of its members.

Therefore, please allow me representing my other 8 fellow members of those first baptized as the first members of GIDI, hereby, in the name of the Spirit of the Birth of GIDI, in the name of the God the Creator, Jesus Christ Our Saviour and the Holy Spirit who always Help us day and night, hereby I declare officially the Programme of Coffee Revolution beginning from this very day, until the Maranathan Day, the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amin. May God continue His miracles for the glory and honour of His Name, to serve in His field until the end of the history.

All GIDI children and grandchildren know that GIDI was born in this Village and from right here, it went out to all parts of the world, and many have heard the Gospel, and they are now coming to you all GIDI children, and you, the children must feed them.

He continued to say that the previous verses say Jesus served all the people, and he took time to get away from the (went to the boat), but many of them still followed him alongside the shore. Then He served them with love and compassion.

Remember and do not forget the formula : 5 B+2 F:500 O = 12 B


Coffee Revolution Greetings.

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Selion J. Karoba
Chairperson of KBA & SCAP

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