Ticketing and Payment Unit of KSU Baliem Arabica Launched Today, 1 December 2014

Start from today, 1 December 2014, a Unit of Ticketing and Payment Unit has been officially launched by the KSU Baliem Arabica Sales & Marketing Unit Manager, Jhon Kwnao in Yogyakara, signaling that from now on all Papuans should come and support this effort buy buying ticket through our agent.

“We cannot wait until foreigners come with development aids. We must buy our own products, the products from our own land, the products produced by our own people in Papua. This is important, because we have a mentality of waiting for helping hand from outsiders. It is now time for us Papuans to help each other, to support each other, by buying our own products, and by buying products and services delivered by Papuans. If not, nothing significant will happen on Papua Soil”,

says Kwano.

He adds,

This launch is following a previous launch of KSU Baliem Arabica Australia Distributor that was launched a week before. Today KSU Baliem Arabica already has its own distribution centre Canberra, the capital city of Australia, and today we have launched the ticketing office. In the near future many important things are happening. All this needs full support from Papuans and those who are in power, as well as from banks.

Everybody can now pay their electric bill, send money, buy air ticket cheaply here.

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